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Bathroom extractor fans are crucial in preventing excess moisture which can lead to condensation, damp or worse, mould. Extractor fan technology has advanced over recent years meaning your under-performing, loud extractor fan can easily be replaced with a modern, powerful, premium inline extractor fan. A premium inline extractor fan is at least twice as powerful as your standard axial bathroom fan. They perform better while running much quieter. The only catch – you’ll need sufficient room in your loft or attic space directly above your bathroom. 

Which extractor fan is best?

From a moisture control perspective, a premium inline extractor fan is by far the better option. However not everyone will have the space for one. In this case, a standard wall mounted fan will still be effective in managing moisture levels in your bathroom. 

Inline extractor fan pros✔️

  • Twice as powerful in extractor moisture from your bathroom. 
  • Can be installed directly above your bath or shower to extract moisture from its direct source. This dramatically reduces the risk of damp or mould formation. 
  • Quiet & discreet options. 
  • No need for ‘making good’ after installation.

Inline extractor fan cons❌

  • Installation requires sufficient attic space.

Surface mounted axial fan pros✔️

  • Slim, discreet look. 
  • Ideal for installation on external/adjacent walls.
  • Energy efficient. 

Surface mounted axial fan cons❌

  • Not as effective in removing moisture.
  • Can be noisy. 

“I want an aesthetically pleasing extractor fan, which one should I choose?” 

We often hear our customers requesting a non-obtrusive, modern, aesthetically pleasing extractor fan which won’t look out of place in a bathroom. Inline extractor fans are generally available in a wider range of design options and colours. They also tend to be less noticeable. 

“Does it have to come on every time I use the light?”

Although extractor fans are generally activated when turning a light on, you can have a delay start timer fitted during the fan installation to delay fan activation for a couple of minutes. This means you can pop to the loo before bed before the extractor fan turns on. If you’d like to add this feature during your installation or upgrade just let us know!

“Help! I have no idea what fan will work best in my bathroom”

Don’t panic, that’s why we’re here. We have a strong understanding of different extractor fan types and which bathrooms they work best in. At PG Electrics we’ll consider your bathroom size, moisture levels and your desired requirements including design preferences and your budget. Because each bathroom is different this decision isn’t a one size fits all. 

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