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Have you just typed electrician for a small job near me into your browser? Have you been having trouble finding a local electrician in Abergavenny who will carry out your small job? Look no further as PG Electrics are here to help. We are your local, experienced electrician in Abergavenny, and we love small electrical jobs.

Small Job Electrician in Abergavenny

Many electricians prefer to take on larger electrical projects and so, when you look for an electrician for a small job near me, you may find it hard to find someone reputable. At PG Electrics we firmly believe that every electrical job, large or small, deserves the same high levels of care and attention. Our highly skilled, fully qualified electricians are as capable and comfortable carrying out a full rewire as they are installing an outdoor light at your Abergavenny home. We are happy to undertake electrical jobs of all sizes and will always find time in our busy diary for you. When you get in touch with us here, we guarantee we will respond. If you have a small job that needs an experienced electrician’s attention, our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Small Electrical Jobs

So, what do we mean by a small electrical job? A small electrical job is something that will typically take an experienced, qualified electrician around an hour to complete. Some electricians will have a minimum charge for a small electrical job. Usually if the electrical job you need carrying out at your Abergavenny home will take much less than an hour, your electrician will see if there are any other jobs they can carry out at the same time to offer you the best value for money. That can be something like changing a damaged faceplate or changing a light bulb!

Small electrical jobs include:

•    Changing a switch or socket faceplate
•    Upgrading a light fitting
•    Installing a Ring doorbell
•    Adding a porch light
•    Installing an outdoor socket

Electrician for a small job in Abergavenny

All electrical work carries an element of danger. That applies in equal measure to changing a light fitting as it does to upgrading a fuse board. If you don’t know what you are doing, or if there are complications such as a poor previous installation, you can swiftly find yourself in trouble. It is safer, and far less hassle, to have an experienced, registered electrician undertake the work from the start. As a qualified professional, a registered electrician will have the job at your Abergavenny home completed swiftly, safely and without any fuss. By choosing a registered electrician for a small electrical job you can rest easily knowing that the work has been carried out correctly and meets stringent safety standards.

PG Electrics are your local electrician in Abergavenny. Our expert electricians are fully qualified, highly skilled professionals. We are proud to be NICEIC registered and all our work is of the highest standard and backed by robust guarantees. If you are looking for an electrician near me in Abergavenny, PG Electrics will be happy to help. Call us today.