EV Charger Installation in Brynmawr by PG Electrics

More and more households in Brynmawr are making the switch to all electric vehicles. When you make the switch to an EV, you need to think about how you are going to keep your shiny new car charged. For most Brynmawr households, the favoured option is to install a home EV charger. PG Electrics are your local and experienced EV charger installer in Brynmawr. This is our guide to home EV charger installations.

What do you need to have an EV charger installed at home?

Having an EV charger installer fit an EV charger at your Brynmawr home makes sense for many reasons. A home EV charger installation is much faster than charging your car with a three-pin plug in a plug socket and allows you to charge your electric car overnight, so there’s no need to dash out and find a public charging point in the morning. So, what do you need to have an EV charger installed at home?

You’ll need:

  • An off-street parking area, like a drive or garage. 
  • Your landlords written permission if you live in a rental property. If you are not the homeowner, then we will need to know they have agreed before we can install your EV charger.
  • Wi-Fi connection. Most smart EV chargers require internet access and so the location you choose must be in range of your Wi-Fi.
  • Clear space to plug in your EV car. If the bins and the kids bikes normally live on your drive you are going to need to find a new home for them!

Do I need an EV charger installer?

Yes, you absolutely do need a qualified EV charger installer in Brynmawr to install your new EV charger at your home. An EV charger installation is not a simple task and involves connecting the EV charger to your home’s fuse board. If this is not done correctly, you are at serious risk of either electrical shock or fire in your home. A qualified, experienced EV charger installer will complete the installation process swiftly and safely, leaving your home in good order. You will also be presented with an installation certificate for your records. Most EV charger manufacturers will only honour their guarantees upon production of this certification which demonstrates that a qualified electrician has completed the work.

What will my EV charger Installer do?

The are several steps to an EV charger installation at your Brynmawr home. Firstly, when you arrange your EV charger installation with us, we will ask you some questions to make sure that we can install an EV charger in your home and may come to carry out a site visit first. Our experienced Ev charger installers will also determine which EV charger will be best for you based on your needs and budget. They will offer you their expert advice, and as we are not salesmen, you can be sure their recommendations are based on experience and not the promise of commission!

On the day of your EV charger installation there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself and help the process run smoothly. Your EV charger installer will need clear, easy access to both the area where your EV charger is to be installed and to your fuse board. Clearing these areas before we arrive speeds things along. We will also need your Wi-Fi password to connect your charger to your home network so make sure you know where to find it. Once your electrician arrives they will get to work installing and connecting your EV charger. The power will need to be switched off for a short period of time while the installation is carried out but you will be advised when this will happen. Before we leave your EV charger installer will demonstrate how everything works for you. And that is it, you’ll be ready to get charging!

EV Charger Installer in Brynmawr

PG Electrics are your experienced EV charger installer in Brynmawr. Our fully qualified, NICEIC registered electricians have completed numerous EV charger installations for many satisfied customers. If you would like to learn more about EV charger installation, contact our friendly team today.