Faulty wiring

Are you wondering exactly how do electricians find faulty wiring?

PG Electrics are your local fault-finding electricians based in Cwmbran. So, how do we find faults?

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

To identify faulty electrical wiring, we will conduct an EICR. An EICR is a formal document produced by a fully qualified electrician following an in-depth assessment of the electrical system. Its purpose is to outline electrical faults, damages and deterioration which requires attention. The report will also highlight areas which need improvement. An EICR is graded using the following codes:

  • Code 1 (C1): Danger present. A fault graded C1 requires urgent remedial work. 
  • Code 2 (C2): Potentially dangerous. A fault graded C2 requires remedial work as soon as possible. 
  • Code 3 (C3): Improvement recommended. To meet industry standards improvements should be made.
  • Further Investigation (FI): More testing is required. 

Fault finding

Faults typically occur due to old and damaged wiring. Over time, electrics deteriorate – worn and frayed wiring can cause a whole range of issues such as:

  • Flickering lights
  • Frequent tripping
  • Burning smells
  • Discoloured sockets & switches
  • Sizzling & crackling noises & more. 

If you’re experiencing any of the above faults, we urge you to seek advice from your local electrician as soon as possible. Faults left unrepaired can worsen overtime increasing the risk of danger. 

Old fuseboxes 

If we attend your home to identify a fault and we notice you have an old style fusebox, we may suggest a full fusebox upgrade. If you still have a traditional fusebox it’s likely the rest of your wiring is also of the same age. As we have mentioned previously, old electrical wiring can be dangerous and should be replaced. Replacing your fusebox with the modern equivalent – the consumer unit will mean your home meets current electrical wiring requirements and is safe for use long into the future. By upgrading you’ll also be increasing capacity size allowing room for new electrical installations like an EV car charger. 

Fault finding electrician in Cwmbran 

Experiencing frequent flickering lights and tripping electrics? It’s likely there’s a wiring fault somewhere within your electrical system. At PG Electrics, Cwmbran we value our customers safety high which is why we work to the highest standards possible. From us you’ll also receive reliability and efficiency. We will turn up on time on the arranged day with specialist fault finding equipment ready to tackle any challenge confidently. We will keep disruption levels low and keep our work neat and tidy. Worried about the condition of your wiring? Contact PG Electrics in Cwmbran today.