Kitchen rewire carried out by PG Electrics in Cwmbran

If you are planning on remodelling the kitchen in your Ebbw Vale home, you should have a chat with your local electrician early on in the process. 

It is often necessary to consider rewiring your kitchen at the same time. Knowing what this will entail early in the process will help you to plan your project, and to budget effectively. As a bonus, you will also gain the insight of an experienced electrician who may have a few useful suggestions. PG Electrics are your experienced, local electrician in Ebbw Vale and are her to tell you more about rewiring your kitchen.

Do I Need to Rewire my Kitchen?

The new kitchen in your Ebbw Vale home will likely feature far more appliances than your old one. Multiple ovens, dishwashers, and wine fridges are all common hardwired features in kitchen designs these days. There are also the freestanding appliances to consider, including coffee machines, kettles, toasters and everyone’s favourite, the air fryer. These appliances all create additional demands on your electrics and mean an increase in the number of sockets and circuits that are required. Your existing wiring may not be suitable for these additional power demands and, without a rewire, you may have to adjust your plans. Rewiring your kitchen will also be advisable if your wiring is over 15 years old. Electrical wiring has an average lifespan of around 20 -25 years and a kitchen is often in place for over 20 years. Rewiring during the refit will give you peace of mind that you won’t have to damage your new kitchen to fix it a problem with the wiring anytime soon.

Your fuse board must also be looked at prior to any work commencing. It will need to meet current safety standards and your electrician may need to add additional protective devices such as RCDs for building regulations. A fuse board upgrade may be needed as part of your kitchen rewire and your electrician will be able to tell you this as soon as they have surveyed the property. Rewiring a kitchen is notifiable under Part P of the building regulations. This means your local building control office must be notified upon completion of the works. Only a registered electrician may do this so make sure you choose one that is registered with either NICEIC or NAPIT.

Kitchen Rewire Planning

Planning a new kitchen is exciting and most of us tend to focus on the design elements such as colours, cabinet styles and additional features. It is important to remember that a kitchen is a working room and must meet some basic criteria to allow that to happen comfortably. An experienced, qualified electrician will make sure all electrical possibilities are considered and help you to make the most of your new kitchen. They will help you with design elements including socket placement and lighting choices. Your electrician will want to know the details of your kitchen plans. They will ask what appliances you are having installed and where you plan on using any freestanding equipment. They will ask you to “walk the room” and consider where sockets and lights will be best placed. This thoughtful planning will be highly beneficial. Bright task lighting will be right where you plan on preparing food and a socket will be in the right location for your kettle.

PG Electrics are your local, reliable electrician in Ebbw Vale. As fully qualified, NICEIC registered electricians we have the skills, knowledge and experience to expertly rewire your kitchen and provide useful advice to help you make the most of your new space. If you are planning on upgrading your kitchen in Ebbw Vale, contact us today.