Using Security Lighting to Protect your Home

As the days grow shorter, many homeowners begin to consider the best ways to protect their homes from uninvited visitors.

There are many options for home security including CCTV, security lighting and alarms. Using security lighting to protect your home is one of the most popular and effective methods chosen by Abergavenny homeowners. If you are looking to improve your home’s security with a security lighting installation, PG Electrics are your local electrician in Abergavenny with extensive experience in security lighting installation.

How Effective Are Security Lights at Protecting a Home?

Outdoor security lights are designed to protect your Abergavenny property by alerting you and those nearby to any intruders attempting to access your home. They make accessing a home unnoticed much harder by removing any shadows around points of entry and deter those who don’t want to be observed. Often just the presence of effective security lighting will be enough to put off a would-be thief and send them off in search of easier pickings. Benefits of Installing Security Lighting at your Home:

  • A safer home – Visible, outdoor security lighting sends a clear message to any potential intruders that your home is well protected and not worth the risk. This gives you greater peace of mind and can make coming and going from your home in the dark much more relaxed.
  • Easier access for invited guests -With clever planning and installation, security lighting can also help with everyday situations such as finding the keyhole in the dark, putting out the bin, or helping invited guests navigate pathways.
  • Insurance benefits – Many insurers offer a reduction in premiums to households that improve overall security by installing measures such as security lights.
  • Improved aesthetics – Not only does security lighting make your Abergavenny home safer, but it can also improve the overall aesthetic. With careful planning it can multitask and be used to create interest, highlighting pathways and areas of interest.

Types of Security Lighting

Security lights can be both practical and stylish. There are many different styles and kinds of security lights to choose from. Often a security lighting design will combine a number of different lighting styles to provide the most comprehensive protection. By choosing an experienced securing lighting electrician you will receive excellent advice and a well thought out design.

  • Motion sensors (PIR Lights) – This kind of security light activates only when there is movement in its vicinity. They are usually placed near rear entrances and garages and provide a shocking bright light when triggered. As they only operate in short bursts, they are ideal for reducing energy use.
  • Floodlights - When it comes to security lighting, floodlights are one of the most popular options. Providing a constant light, they can also create a pleasing aesthetic effect. They can be used in conjunction with motion sensors for added protection.
  • Landscape security lights – These lights help to enhance the beauty of your home and garden and are less utilitarian in design. You can select from many different designs based on your overall aesthetic.
  • Solar lights – Solar lights can make a useful addition to security lighting installation. Often used to mark the boundaries of your property they can help save you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

If you would like to explore the options for using security lighting to protect your Abergavenny home, contact PG Electrics today. Our qualified and NICEIC registered electricians will be happy to share their expertise and design an outdoor security lighting installation that protects your home and gives you peace of mind.