We bought a 1960’s bungalow last year and decided most of the electrical installations needed replacing or updating; it still had some of the original socket outlets and consumer unit from 1961, which didn’t have enough circuits for our needs. There were also surface mounted cables and sockets obviously tagged on to the original wiring which needed updating. We asked Phil to allow for a complete rewire with a new mains consumer unit, replacement socket outlets and additional power points and new switches in all living rooms to modern standards, together with new supplies and outlets to the garage.

Phil explained that the amount of disruption involved meant he would need the house to be unoccupied for safety etc. so we agreed and found somewhere to live for two weeks while the work was carried out. Phil kept in touch with us during the progress of the rewire to agree positions of power points and switches, including offering suggestions on alternative lighting and switching arrangements which was greatly appreciated, and we agreed were good ideas. We’d also bought some new light fittings, so these were fitted as part of the contract.

The whole of the installation and programming was carried out in a very competent, capable and professional manner, and although we knew there’d be some mess and disruption (carpets and floorboards lifted, block walls chased) we felt we’d been properly advised on what was involved and so were able to prepare for this and felt what disruption there was had been minimised by Phil - he also cleared up afterwards. We also had a couple of last-minute changes of mind and decided to replace the central heating programmer and have an additional light fitting in the bedroom (just as the main work was finishing), both of which Phil came back to do within days. Phil’s provided all the required documentation for Building Regs approval, our certificate of compliance arrived a couple of days after the rest of the paperwork, so it was all completed within a week of completion.

We can certainly recommend PG Electrics without hesitation, would happily use Phil’s services again should the need arise and would recommend him to family and friends too.

Ken Price
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