Maintenance Electrician

Electrical maintenance involves the routine review and repair of the electrical systems of a property. Having a maintenance electrician regularly review your electrical system for faults keeps you safe and helps prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns. A qualified maintenance electrician can be called upon to undertake both the planned and reactive maintenance of your electrical systems. Skilled at fault-finding and repair, your maintenance electrician will maintain and repair everything from your lighting, sockets and fuse box, to integrated systems such as air conditioning units.  

Garden Electrician Near Me

Your garden is a part of your home and should reflect your personal style. You want it to be a warm, welcoming space that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. A garden electrician will help you to make your garden a stylish, comfortable and natural extension of your living space. 

PG Electrics are your experienced Cwmbran based garden electricians and are ready to help you create an elegant outdoor living area.

Fuse Box Installers in Cwmbran

Most people when asked, can tell you exactly where the fuse box is in their home. The fuse box controls all of the electrical circuits in your home and is where you can switch off your electric supply in an emergency. Aside from knowing the location most homeowners quite rightly leave the fuse box well alone and they only time they do check it is when there is a problem!

EV Charger Installer in Cwmbran

Electric vehicle numbers are increasing rapidly in the UK. The government plans to ban the sale of all diesel and petrol cars by 2030 and with fuel prices at an all-time high many are considering moving over to an electric vehicle sooner rather than later. Whilst electric vehicles are slightly more expensive at initial purchase the ongoing cost benefits make for a worthy investment.

My Electrician Didn’t Turn Up Today...

Unfortunately I hear this all too often when I go out to visit customers. They tell me that the electrician turned up hours after they had arranged, or in some cases not at all. This understandably leads to much frustration on the customers part and a lack of trust of electricians in general.

I have to admit that this kind of 'problem' is very common within the trade. PG Electrics however pride themselves on their punctuality and professional service, we understand that time is very valuable to you.