Garden Electrics

I often get requests to wire up a garden shed or outbuilding and there are many advantages to adding a few sockets or lights. However with any outdoor wiring it is not as simple as just running wires through your garden and hoping for the best, garden electrics can be a lot more complicated than you would think.

Appliance Safety

A lot of house holders in Cwmbran and Abergavenny often call me to ask if there is a problem with their electricity supply. Understandably they are not sure if it is safe to continue to use their electrical appliances or if they should call an electrician. The simplest advice is if you suspect a problem with an electrical appliance, unplug and stop using it immediately, however if you suspect there is a problem with your actual electrical installation then consult a local qualified electrician who will be happy to come and take a look.


A few of the blogs I have written in the past mention how important it is to fit an RCD in your home. Although I've explained the importance of having one, I have never really explained what an RCD does and how it protects you and your home.

An RCD stands for Residual Current Device. It is an important safety device that automatically trips and cuts off the power if there is a problem. This might sound pretty boring and be a nuisance, and you might be wondering what the point of having one is.